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Faith Leaders to Congress: Don't Change Vital Religious Freedom Law (RFRA)

June 30. 2014

By: PR Newswire

In the wake of this week’s Supreme Court decision affirming the religious liberty of Americans who go into business, leaders of diverse faith communities representing over 100 million Americans are calling on Congress not to tamper with a key federal protection for the religious freedom of all Americans of all faiths.  President Clinton signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into law in 1993 after all but three of Congress’s 535 members voted in favor of it.  Read more>>

Victory for Religious Autonomy at the European Court of Human Rights

June 12. 2014

The American Religious Freedom Program played a role in a new victory for religious liberty in the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).  In the case of Fernández Martínez v. Spain, the ECtHR’s Grand Chamber granted a landmark victory for faith communities’ religious autonomy.  Read more>>

Religious Freedom Is the New Civil Rights Issue, Samuel Rodriguez and Rick Warren Say

June 10. 2014

By: Christian Post

At a panel discussion on religious freedom hosted by the Southern Baptist Convention, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference president Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren argued that religious freedom is emerging as America’s key civil rights issue for the coming decades.  Read more>>

President Washington on Religious Freedom

Click the images below to view some of the key documents from George Washington's views on religious freedoms:

Thanksgiving Day Proclamation (1789) 

Thanksgiving Day Proclamation


Letter to Newport (R.I.) Synagogue (1790) 

Newport RI

Farewell Address to the American People (1796)

Farewell Address 


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